If you’re planning a gap year, have deferred your University or TAFE course or you’re just not sure what the right career path is for you then why not consider a job in the Hospitality Industry? With a great supply of cafes, restaurants and bars across Melbourne, employment opportunities are steady and perfect for young people who are straight out of school wanting to work in a fast paced, social environment. What’s important to understand is that working in the hospitality industry will teach you so much more than how to pour a good beer, how to make the perfect cocktail or how to manage a busy queue of customers. Working in hospitality will allow you the opportunity to learn a whole range of skills that will set you up for the rest of your working life.


Working in a people focused role will ensure you end up developing a skill set that you can carry with you throughout life and apply to any number of other jobs and situations. The top five skills we think you will develop include:

How to be a Team Player

Learning how to deal with managers and work effectively with your colleagues will set you up for all kinds of situations in your working life. Opportunities for promotion often arise in the hospitality industry and demonstrating that you are a team player should ensure you stand out as a strong candidate for the next leadership role if teamwork is a priority for you.

Good Communication Skills

Good communication is key to working in a busy bar, café or restaurant. Messages, orders and adjustments to orders need to be communicated clearly for everything to run smoothly and for customers to leave happy. Communication is one skills that can be transferred into any working environment and is key to enjoying a successful career. 

Good Interpersonal Skills

More than just communicating effectively with customers and team members, a hospitality job involves working with managers and customers alike. Learning to build rapport with the various people you will come across in your working day is a skill that’s essential in life, including your own social life and any role your chose to take on in your working life.

Good Time management Skills

Ensuring customers are served and queries are handled in a timely manner are both key to being an effective staff person when working in hospitality. Happy customers usually return and managing your own work load will ensure the shift runs smoothly for the rest of your team as well – great skills to have throughout your working life.

How to Multitask

Learning how to deal with all that can be thrown at you during a shift in hospitality will set you in good stead for any busy job that you decide to take on whether it be in hospitality or another industry all together. There is no better job to help you master the art of multitasking than that of a waiter, bar tender, duty manager or barista to name just a few roles!!!

Entry level within the hospitality industry will require a level of certificate training to get you started. Somers Elite Training offer Responsible Service of Alcohol Training (Victoria Only) or the Nationally recognised SITHFAB002 Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol course (perfect if you’d like to travel around Australia) at six different training locations around Melbourne. Please visit our website for further information regarding our range of courses and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

There is no time like the present to kick start your new career so if you think hospitality could be the industry for you then it’s as easy as booking online today!