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Customer Care

This course is only available for Group Bookings. Please contact our office on (03) 5995 8817 for further information.


About this Course

This course is only available for Group bookings. Please contact our office on (03) 5995 8817 for further information.

Being able to provide professional and personalised customer service experiences is critical for any hospitality/ retail business’s survival. Greeting and serving customers and dealing with a range of customer service enquiries including product knowledge to routine customer problems is fundamental to your role.

As a team member, you must have the ability to determine and meet customer preferences, develop customer relationships, respond to difficult service situations and take responsibility for resolving complaints.

In this session, you will learn the outcomes, skills and knowledge required to deliver fundamental customer care to both internal and external customers. You will also discuss the unique challenges of the hospitality environment and how that differs from each venue area (gaming, bar & bistro).

You will also learn the concept of internal customers, and how your attitudes and behaviours directly impact on the workplace environment and the team you are working with. Understanding your personal & workplace responsibilities is paramount to ensuring your success & personal job satisfaction within your organisation.

Student Handbook

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