The renewal requirements of the Responsible Service of Gaming Melbourne course as determined by the Department of Justice, are all about to change. It is believed that the roll out of the new Responsible Service of Gaming course as outlined here by the VCGLR and conducted by the Department of Justice & Venue Support Network, may be extensive and busy in the early months and updating your qualifications ahead of time will ensure that existing staff teams and venues won’t be impacted whilst the new course is in its initial launch stages.
As a result of this, Somers Elite Training highly recommend that those staff due for renewal in 2017, act now and complete their course update before 31 December, 2016 ensuring that no further renewal will be required again until 2019. A reminder also that if staff complete the online RSG Or RSG Refresher before the end of December, they will not have to complete the new modules until their RSG Expires in 3 years time (December 2019).
Details of available courses through Somers Elite Training and our upcoming course dates can be found below:

Full RSG Course:

RSG Refresher Course:

RSG Online:

An alternative training option for your group of staff team is our Onsite Group Training session. Somers Elite Training specialises in training groups with clubs, hotels, café’s, restaurants, schools, and sporting, volunteer & aged care groups, as well as industry associations, having benefited from our onsite training option in the past. They can be an easier alternative when coordinating a large group and offer an ease in planning when the trainer can come to you. Please note that substantial discount package rates apply for group and onsite bookings.

We look forward to making your RSG renewal process easier.

Please contact Julie directly on 5995 8817 or if you have any questions or would like to make a booking for our Onsite Training Option.